About Us

Amoné Bester Scrubs was established in April 2020. I created it with the help of my sister (Twané) who is a medical doctor working in the public sector at one of South Africa’s Eastern Cape Hospitals. 

She has been looking for stylish and colourful scrub tops but does not want to pay a fortune for them. She also always struggles to find tops that fit her small build, therefore I wanted to create a business that caters to a wide variety of styles, colours and sizes.

I have a B.ConSci: Clothing Retail Management degree that helps me create and make your scrubs from start to finish, including all design and production processes.

I look forward to adding some style and colour to your work wardrobe.

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Unisex Scrub Tops

Our unisex scrub tops are made out of 100% cotton and are available in a wide variety of prints

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